6 Gal JBJ Nano Cube


6 gal - (12 x 12 x 12)

Includes tank, high output lighting, and filtration



6 gallon freshwater jbj nano cubejbj saltwater


Looking for a well designed aquarium set that can be used as a small reef tank, or a small planted freshwater tank? JBJ makes a variety of sizes that are ready to go. Stop in our store to see several operating units.

Our staff can help you put together a great set for these tanks.


Planted Freshwater Checklist  

  • JBJ Nano Cube
  • Plant Substrate
  • Plant Fertilizer
  • Magnet Scraper
  • Water Conditioner
  • Biological Starter

Saltwater Checklist  

  • JBJ Nano Cube
  • Live Sand
  • Cured Live rock- about 1 lb. per gallon
  • RO Purified Saltwater
  • Hydrometer
  • API Master Test Kit


Other Options

  • JBJ stand
  • Installation, and Monthly Service
  • Magnetic Algae Scraper
  • Siphon Tube, bucket
  • In-Store Stand Assembly


Optional Stands

6 Gal Stand MTT-30


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