20 Gallon Long Tank


The 20 gallon long tank is 6" lower than the best selling 29 Gallon Tank. It is a good choice when you want a long low tank. It is also a popular tank for turtles.

Below you will find a list of our recommended equipment for this particular tank- our Master Kit, carefully designed over the years for a successful freshwater set-up. Our Master Kit helps you avoid the problems associated with "Economy Box Kits."

On the right are your list of available tank, light and stand options for this aquarium. Saltwater kit is also available for this size.

Tank and Light

Master Kit Filter System #20bf1
We offer free in-store installation of the filter system with your kit.

Undergravel Filter System Option
We also offer a system that combines an AquaClear Power Filter
with an undergravel filter and powerhead. Our staff can help you choose the right system for your tank.



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20 gallon long

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